3 Ways to Cool Your Deck or Patio

Once the summer sun starts to shine, you want to walk outside and spend your free time relaxing in the backyard. But you have one problem: your deck or patio doesn’t have any shade, which means any time in the sun leads to heat and sunburn.

You can still enjoy your outdoor area without applying a heavy coat of sunscreen. Instead, use the tips below to transform your old deck or patio into a cooler, more pleasant space.

1. Add a Roof

If you have a wood deck or patio, the summer sun can quickly heat the surface, which can scorch bare feet. Outdoor wood can also heat your home’s adjacent walls or windows, which in turn raises the temperature inside your house. You’ll have to spend more money on energy costs throughout the summer—as well as spend more money on deck maintenance costs as the sun fades the wood.

To prevent your wood deck or patio from trapping heat, install a roof for your older deck or patio. If you don’t yet have a deck or patio but plan to install one this summer, include a roof in your plans. Patio and roof decks come in a variety of styles—such as gable, flat or a combination of the two—which means you can choose one that complements your home’s aesthetic.

Your roof will give your deck or patio the shade you need to enjoy your outdoor space and protect your home from excess heat.

2. Install Hanging Accessories

Once you have a roof, you can add other elements that cool the space even further. For example, a ceiling fan will circulate stale air and provide a pleasant breeze. (Plus, the breeze will blow pests like mosquitoes away from the area.) A misting fan can release a cooling spray across the deck.

Hanging plants also cool the area to make outdoor life more enjoyable. You can plant trees around the deck to create more natural surrounding shade.

For a larger addition, install a hanging daybed, hammock or swing, which will let you create your own breeze as you swing back and forth. They also make your outdoor space into a more restful, relaxing lounge area.

To make your daybed, hammock or swing more comfortable, add cushions and pillows. Choose lighter colours that won’t trap heat. Consider using a cream- or white-coloured duvet to line your hammock or bed. It will give you a soft cushion during the day and a cosy blanket to snuggle during cooler summer nights.

3. Add Shades

If you worry that a roof won’t offer you enough protection from the sun, add shades to your deck or patio. You can raise your outdoor shades to enjoy the view, then lower them once the afternoon sun starts to glare.

Along with shading your deck area, outdoor shades can keep bugs and dust out. They also work alongside your patio’s roof to keep heat away from your home and prevent it from seeping through the windows.

If you add outdoor shades, you don’t need to worry about sacrificing your deck’s style. Bamboo or faux-wood shades to add an exotic, elegant element. Cloth shades come in durable fabrics with unique patterns that can complement your deck or patio’s furniture and style.

Whatever material you choose, your outdoor shades should be able to outlast any weather or fading from the sun. If your area experiences plenty of moisture, choose a material that can resist humidity and mould as well.


With these three tips, your deck or patio will become a comfortable, shady area where you can spend an afternoon away from the sun. Talk to your deck and patio designers to learn about your shading options, and read the rest of our blogs for more tips on decorating your outdoor space.