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5 Low Maintenance Plants for Your Outdoor Space

Not all of us have a green thumb – but that shouldn’t deter you from buying plants altogether. Not only do they add vibrancy to your space, they also filter oxygen. They look especially attractive on a patio or pergola, making your outdoor space more inviting and radiant. Some outdoor plants are more high maintenance than others. If you, however, are just getting started or have a busy lifestyle, then take a look at our top five low maintenance outdoor plants.

1. Peace Lily

If you are intimidated by owning a plant, opt for the very popular Peace Lily. While they can be grown both indoors or outdoors, they thrive in low light and high humidity – perfect for your shady pergola. They grow pristine white flowers throughout spring and summer, which will bring your outdoor space to life. Not only are they attractive and easy to care for, they are also the most effective plant for removing air pollutants.

Peace Lily Flower (Spathiphyllum)

Peace Lily Flower (Spathiphyllum)

2. Camellia

Dubbed Australia’s favourite plant, Camellias can live for many years if properly cared for. They can endure a range of temperatures and amounts of light, but typically enjoy partial shade to full sun. Known for their delicate pink and red flowers, they are also visually appealing. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with this flourishing, beloved plant.

Camellias outdoors


3. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (aka Snake Plant)

As the name suggests, these plants are tough. They tolerate most conditions that come their way, so whether they are under a roof or out in the blazing sun, they’ll continue to thrive. They can live for many years and their long, stiff leaves can grow up to two meters tall. If you’re after a durable, mostly self-sufficient plant, opt for the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue.


Mother in Law’s Tongue

4. Succulents (Aloe, Scilla, Haworthia, etc.)

Bursting with personality and variety, succulents come in many shapes, colours and sizes. They love growing in pots, making them easily transportable. They also rarely need to be watered; in fact, they dislike damp environments, so mulch the top of the soil with pebbles and keep them under cover in rainy weather. Succulents are also sturdy; they’re resistant to most pests and diseases and can withstand a bit of frost.

Miniature succulent plants

Miniature succulent plants

5. Lady Palm

A simple plant, Lady Palms can adapt to many soil types and outdoor conditions. Partial to full shade is ideal and they can withstand cold temperatures (up to -5 degrees Celsius). If you’re in a colder part of Australia, like Victoria, there is no need to worry about frost too much. They can also handle a bit of direct sunlight, but their green leaves may burn and turn brown. Situated on your pergola is a great spot for the Lady Palm.

Lady Palm (Rhapis Palm)

Lady Palm

How often you should water your plant and the amount of water required will depend on the plant you choose; make sure you follow the proper care instructions for your plant in particular. By considering these low maintenance plants, you’ll be well on your way to having a vibrant, green outdoor living area. For more tips on exterior design, read more of our blog posts.