5 Reasons to Choose Australian Materials

Are you thinking of building a new patio, deck or outdoor area?

You may have looked into designs, installers and construction materials – but have you considered whether you’re buying Australian? It’s something many homeowners overlook, but something that can make a big difference in the long run.

For this week’s blog we’ll examine a number of the benefits of choosing Australian grown and Australian made products.

 1. Buying Australian Saves You Money

Buying Australian can save you money both in the long and short term.

Materials that are manufactured in Australia are generally less expensive than the imported alternative. This is because they are in greater supply, with larger stockpiles available.

And if you every require replacement parts, Australian materials are in wider circulation, therefore they are easier to source and cheaper to buy.

Buy Australian and save

Buy Australian and save

2. Australian Materials Meet Australian Standards

All Australian materials are manufactured to meet our strict standards and industry guidelines.

This means that when you buy Australian materials you can be assured of tried and tested quality.

Australian products meet Australian standards

Australian products meet Australian standards

3. Australian Materials Are Made for Our Conditions

Whether it’s 40 degree summer days or the tropical downpour of winter, Australian conditions can be harsh.

So when choosing materials for your new deck or patio, you want to know that they’re durable enough to withstand the elements.

When you buy Australian, you’re buying materials that have been made to match our conditions, no one else’s. So you can rest assured, knowing that they’ll stand the test of time.

Made for Australian conditions

Made for Australian conditions

4. Buying Australian Supports Local Jobs & Industries

When you buy Australian materials, you’re supporting local jobs and local industries. You’re employing people in your community and as well as numerous other Australians across the country.

There’s no better way for you to support your local economy than choosing to buy Australian made and manufactured products. It keeps Australian jobs safe for today and for your children’s future.

Buying Australian supports Australian jobs

Buying Australian supports Australian jobs

5. Australian Made Products Benefit All Australians

Recent research, which was published by the Industry Capability Network (ICN) states that for every $1 million dollars earned by Australian manufacturing the following benefits are made to the economy.

$333,900 tax revenue made, $985,000 worth of value earned, $95,000 worth of welfare payments saved, 10 full time jobs made.


Good for Australia

Good for Australia

So when you’re thinking of installing a new patio or deck, think: is it Australian made or manufactured? If it is, you know you’re getting the best price and quality, while supporting local people and Australian jobs.

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