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5 space-saving storage ideas for your patio or deck

Whether your patio or deck is big or small, there’s always the issue of clutter and what to do with it. Maybe you’ve got kids and your outdoor area is strewn with toys, or maybe you’re a keen gardener and looking for a way to store your tools and pots. Or perhaps you’re planning a new deck and thinking about built in storage. Whatever the case, there are a number of storage options available to help de-clutter your outdoor living space.

1. Timber storage seats
These attractive and versatile seats offer a classic solution to outdoor storage, with the hinged seats lifting to reveal a deep storage space underneath. Perfect for storing outdoor cushions throughout the winter or for stashing kids’ toys out of sight when entertaining, timber storage seats are readily available in a number of styles that range from inexpensive to pricey, dependent on the quality. You can source them new from outdoor furniture stores or secondhand from garage sales or sites like Gumtree or eBay. If you do pick one up secondhand, you might like to consider sanding and re-staining it for added protection from the elements.

2. Patio chests
Patio chests are an excellent space-saving option, as they can be conveniently placed near a door or next to the deck gate to store shoes, toys or garden tools. These days, a variety of outdoor storage chests are available in polyethylene wicker, which is not only a stylish and economical choice, but also long-lasting and weatherproof. More traditional chests come in timber, painted steel or aluminium and, again, prices vary dependent on quality. Whatever style you decide on, most chests can double as an outdoor coffee table or a bench seat, saving even more space on your patio or deck.

3. Mini Sheds
If your patio or deck is particularly small or you don’t have space in your garden for a shed, a mini shed could be the thing for you. While there are a lot of commercial versions to choose from, these are usually quite expensive and most are more functional than attractive. Don’t despair! You’ll find plenty of DIY ideas for mini sheds and other forms of outdoor storage on Pinterest, many of which are made from re-purposed furniture, such as old wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and shelves. Use your imagination and your storage will not only be functional but a distinct statement of your personal style. For inspiration, have a look at our post on furnishing your deck or patio without spending a fortune.

4. Coffee table/storage units
Creating an outdoor room on your deck or patio continues to be one of the biggest trends in Australia, with a whole host of furniture and accessories now available to make the trend achievable for even those on a tight budget. This includes a selection of outdoor coffee tables that incorporate a storage section underneath — an ideal way to clear away clutter when guests are expected or store cushions over the cooler months. Some even have an ice bucket on one side, table on the other, perfect for effortless entertaining and for conserving space in your outdoor room. If you’re in the process of creating an outdoor room, check out our post on this seemingly endless trend: Inside Out – Why Outdoor Rooms Are The Place To Be.

5. Under deck storage
Utilising the space under your deck is a great way to create extra storage without adding to the stuff already on your deck. Those with a low deck can use weatherproof tubs with wheels to store a whole range of things: cushions, toys, seasonal decorations and even BBQ gear and party supplies. Those with a lot of space under your deck might want to consider installing a mini shed, providing a fantastic all-year ‘round and out of sight place for everything from tools to the kids’ bikes. And, if you’re planning on adding a deck to your home, you might like to think about incorporating one or two trapdoor storage bins into the deck itself, giving you easy access to your items when you need them.

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