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5 Ways to Get the Kids Outdoors This Summer

1. Give your backyard a makeover

One of the most effective ways of getting your children out of the house, is by creating a kid-friendly outdoor space. Removing things such as overgrown shrubs and any poisonous plants, can make the yard much more inviting to young children.

Installing fun play equipment such as a sand pit or swing-set can help to entice your children off of the couch too.

Little Girl Swinging

Make your yard more child friendly.

2. Start a veggie patch

Starting a veggie garden is another great way of encouraging children to play outdoors. Kids can find it very rewarding; watching the seeds they plant grow and turn into delicious vegetables.

You can also try fun projects such as creating a ‘bean tee-pee’, which involves tying beans to poles, where they then grow up in a fun tee-pee formation.

Creating a veggie garden with the kids.

Creating a veggie garden with the kids.

3. Promote outdoor play

Giving children toys which simply cannot be used indoors, such as a soccer ball or a basketball hoop often encourages kids to play outside. In most-cases such toys are inexpensive and once purchased they can provide years of use.

Introducing these activities to your children can help them to discover a passion which they didn’t know they had.

Promoting out door play.

Promoting out door play.

4. Create a safari adventure

A fun outdoor activity, a play ‘safari adventure’ can be a great way of getting your kids outside, while teaching them about native birds and wildlife.

All you need is a camera, or a pretend camera made from cardboard. By just peering through a camera lens children may see the world in a very different perspective.

Safari adventuring.

Safari adventuring.

5. Gaze up at the clouds and stars

As simple as this may sound, sometimes just relaxing on the deck with your child can be extremely rewarding.

As a fun activity, try watching the clouds or stars. Use your imagination, to pick out shapes and unique images.

How many shapes can you see?

How many shapes can you see?

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