sun in backyard

6 Ways to Prevent Sunburns This Summer

Ah—summer. Even that single word can conjure up images of bright blue oceans, sandy beaches and clear skies. With summer comes warmer weather, not to mention tourists and vacationers who can’t resist Brisbane’s gorgeous shoreline and myriad activities.

However, summer also brings something else with it: sunburns. And while sunburns don’t pose a serious health threat by themselves, they can lead to skin problems down the line. In any case, they don’t feel comfortable in the moment either. So if you want to keep your family’s summer fun and pain-free, you need to know how to prevent this pesky problem. And you’ll need more than just sunscreen.

While sunscreen does a lot to prevent your skin, you also need to incorporate a few other tips. We’ve outlined these tips below.

1. Add a covering to your deck or patio.

Sometimes homeowners and their guests end up with sunburns because they sit on their decks and chat for hours during the day. These chats may occur over brunch or lunch, or they may occur simply because you decided to host a backyard book club. Whatever the reason, you and your guests need projection while you enjoy the fresh air. The solution? A covering.

Deck experts can add a sturdy wooden or metal covering to your patio. You don’t have to settle for something tent-like. Rather, you can have an attractive covering that adds to your yard’s aesthetic instead of making it look cheap. Ask your deck or patio expert for more information about your options.

2. Stay out of the sun during peak hours/midday.

The sun beams its worst between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Unfortunately, most people choose to do their recreational activities during this time. If at all possible, try to do outside tasks early in the morning or late in the evening. You’ll enjoy slightly cooler temperatures then, which means the heat won’t exhaust you as quickly. You will have more energy for fun—and you’ll keep your skin safe at the same time.

3. Wear hats and sunglasses.

Your face has particularly sensitive skin on it. So, while you try to get a tan, you may find that your face sunburns first. You may also find that the part in your hair and the tops of your ears sunburn even more than the rest of your face. So, don’t skimp on the sunscreen. And even if you wear sunscreen, put a hat and sunglasses on as well. As you choose sunglasses, make sure yours offer UV-ray protection.

4. Wear loose, but long clothing if possible.

During the summer, nobody wants to think about shirts with long sleeves or full-length jeans. However, if you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun, you should seriously consider wearing these items. They will keep your skin safe from the sun, even if you feel hotter in the meantime. But if you can’t make yourself wear long clothes, just use the other tips on this list.

5. Eat foods that strengthen your skin and prevent the burn.

Certain foods fortify your skin against sunburns—and also help you heal from them when they occur. These foods include:

  • Green tea (drink two cups a day)
  • Oatmeal (soak in a bath with it)
  • Potatoes (eat them or rub them on your skin)
  • Tomatoes (eat them daily)
  • Pomegranates (eat them daily)
  • Guavas (eat them regularly—not necessarily daily)
  • Strawberries (eat them or rub them on your skin)
  • Cucumbers (eat them or rub them on your skin)

Additionally, the more vitamin C you include in your diet, the fewer sunburns you’ll get.

6. Don’t sit out and purposefully try to tan.

Summer seems like the perfect time to sit, relax and add a little sunshine to the skin. However, that sunshine can have damaging effects. So don’t sit and tan for hours at a time. Try to get your tan naturally so you don’t overtax your body and risk a sunburn.


Sunshine may seem bright and friendly, but remember that it can harm you too. Use the tips above to ensure sunburns don’t interrupt your summer fun.