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How to Choose a Functional Carport that Complements Your Home

If you’d like a safe place to store your vehicle or caravan, contact your local builder to custom-make a carport. Carports make a great addition to your home. Their open walls offer ventilation while still protecting your vehicle against the sun, hail and rain.

If you decide you want one of these useful structures, you might worry about it meshing with your home’s appearance. You don’t want your carport to take away from your property’s aesthetic.

Luckily, you have many different options to choose from to make sure you have a carport that matches the style of your home.

Materials for Carports

Your carport’s structural materials help determine whether it will give you the look you want. Carports generally come in either metal or wood.


If you want a metal carport, you can usually choose between aluminium and steel. Sometimes you can use a combination of different metals to achieve a certain look. Metal carports give you a great option for a more modern, sleek style.

You’ll benefit from selecting a metal carport in many ways. Metal carports are strong and fire resistant, and they last for a long time. They also don’t require much maintenance. You generally only need to wipe or spray them down once a year or whenever they get noticeably dirty.

While constructing a metal carport, you have several options and accessories to choose from. To add a bit of flair, you can mount trim with colours to match your home. You can also add extra panels down the side or install insulation to further protect your vehicle from the elements.


Wood carports usually create a rustic or elegant look. They can add a lot of value to your home because of the way they appear and how durable they are.

Although wood carports can withstand the elements, they are more prone to problems such as warping and termites. These carports require more maintenance, but with that extra care, they can last as long as their metal counterparts.

Design Types

Once you know what material would work best with your home, you can choose from many different design options to make the carport uniquely yours.

Pent roof or flat roof

A pent-roof or flat-roof carport has a solid, flat top with thick support beams. You can use the flat roof for stargazing or as another space to put Christmas decorations.

Curved roof

This design type has a curved roof, eliminating the need for beams and providing a simple, clean look.

Gable or timber-framed roof

A gable roof or timber-framed roof has two sloping sides that form a triangle. It looks like the generic roof of a house, and that aesthetic helps it match with most homes. These roofs offer some design flexibility because they allow you to choose what details you add to the gable, such as vertical or horizontal posts.

Solar roof

For a more environmentally friendly approach, install solar panels on the roof of your carport. Your carport can generate energy while protecting your vehicle.

Hipped roof

A hipped-roof carport is much like a gable roof and timber-framed carport. The only difference is that the top of the roof’s triangle is cut off, leaving a flattened top. The hipped roof gives you a great solution if you don’t want extra height on your carport.

Whatever design you decide on, keep in mind that you need an option that provides the protection you need in the space you have available.

Decorating Ideas

Once you have your carport, you want to make it yours. You could get creative with the flooring in your carport and apply concrete paint. Or, to make your carport a bit homier, you could add artwork or posters to the wall or add stylish light fixtures. For a wood carport, you could paint or carve the beams with intricate designs.

A carport is a great investment that can add functionality to your home without sacrificing style. Contact your local contractor to build the design of your choice. They will work with you to provide you with a carport that meets your needs and complements your property.