DIY backyard furniture

How to Make the Most of Your Patio with DIY Furniture

When the company you hired finishes constructing the patio of your dreams, you need to fill it with furniture to make it a beautiful, relaxing part of your home. If you don’t have the money to spend on new furniture, make some yourself—it will perfectly complement your durable patio and give you a place to relax outdoors.

Pallet furniture is one DIY trend that’s flooding the Internet. Many people choose to build pallet furniture for their patios because it is a low-cost option for attractive, comfortable outdoor seating.

Below we’ve outlined an easy how-to for building a sectional pallet sofa that will look great on your back patio.

1. Gather Materials

Building a pallet sofa is easy and requires minimal supplies. You will need the following:

  • 13 pallets
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Saw
  • Screws
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain or paint
  • Cushions or foam

When you have everything you need, follow the steps below to build your pallet sofa.

2. Collect Pallets

To build a sectional sofa, you will need about 13 standard size pallets (1165 x 1165 mm). You can usually find discarded pallets behind warehouses and stores. These reclaimed pallets will form the structural support for your sofa.

3. Cut Pallets to Size

Depending on how deep you want your sofa seat to be, you may want to cut some of your pallets down. A standard sofa is about 89 centimetres deep, and your pallets are about 116.5 centimetres deep. If you choose to cut your pallets down, you should cut eight of them for the base of your sofa.

The other five pallets will create the back support for your sofa. You should cut these pallets down so that they are about 76 to 89 centimetres high when they are tipped on their side.

4. Assemble the Frame

When you finish cutting your pallets, you can start to assemble your sofa. First, you need create the base. To do this, place four pallets in an L-shape – three in a row and one on the end perpendicular to the other three. Then, stack four more directly on top of the existing four and screw all eight of the pallets together.

The two layers of pallets will probably seem low for a sofa. Don’t worry—you will add a cushion to give your sofa more height. However, you can always add a third layer of pallets if you want your sofa to be a little taller.

Next, you must attach the rest of the pallets for back support. Just tip the five remaining pallets on their sides and screw them into the sofa base.

5. Sand and Stain

Now that you have a sofa frame, you can sand and paint it. Since you only need to smooth the edges, you should use a fine grit sandpaper. When your pallet base feels even, you can either stain or paint it.

When you stain or paint, make sure you do it in a well-ventilated area. This helps the paint dry and, more importantly, prevents you from breathing in unhealthy fumes.

6. Add the Cushions

If you haven’t done it already, pick out cushions for your new patio sofa. You can either buy pre-made cushions or make your own.

Many home improvement stores and large department stores carry outdoor cushions of various sizes and colours. However, if you want to add another dimension to your DIY project, you can sew your own cushion covers out of outdoor fabric and place them over high-density foam.

7. Enjoy

When your sofa frame is dry and your cushions are ready, place the cushions on the frame. Then sit back and enjoy.


Even on a budget, you can enjoy your beautiful new patio. If you follow these six easy steps, you can create comfortable, cost-effective patio furniture to complement your outdoor space. Make the most of your patio without spending large amounts of money by building your own pallet furniture.