How to Spruce Up Your Patio On a Budget

You’ve had an amazing summer on your patio. It’s been an awesome time, filled with barbecues, outdoor activities and relaxation. But now it’s autumn, and you’ve noticed that after all the summer fun, your patio is looking a little worse-for-wear. Fear not though! Sprucing up your patio is easier (and more affordable) than you might think.

1. Give Your Patio a Detail Clean

Possibly the cheapest idea on this list, cleaning can cost as little as the price of soap and water. Although it does mean a bit of hard work – that barbecue grill won’t scrub itself! Still, a complete wash and clean can really make your patio area sparkle.

And if the kids are after some extra pocket-money, you can always enlist their help.

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2. Add Some ‘Pre-Loved’ Furniture

New furniture and homewares can really refresh the look of your patio. And with a little fresh thinking, they can be quite affordable too. Secondhand stores are filled with great ‘pre-loved’ furnishings, all available for much cheaper than new stock. Plus the money from sales often goes to charity.

Garage sales are also an excellent source for cheap, pre-owned furniture. However you may want to give your new acquisitions a good clean (or even repaint) before use.

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3. Refresh (& Repaint) Your Existing Furnishings

Over time deck chairs, patio tables, plant pots and trays can deteriorate. Sun, storms and daily wear-and-tear can all cause fading, chips and even cracks.

To combat this – and to give your patio a fresh look – try repainting or repolishing your existing furnishings. A fresh coat can give your furniture a new lease of life. And it’s much cheaper than purchasing new or secondhand furniture.

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4. Choose Do-It-Yourself Accessories

Many hardware and home-living stores stock great patio accessories. Things like wind chimes, hanging baskets and cushion knits. And all of these items are often much cheaper if you choose the D.I.Y. option. They also make for a great outdoor activity with family or friends.

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5. Reseal Your Timber Decking

A proper clean, reseal and finish can make your patio look like new. It prevents splintering and discoloration. And it makes your decking last longer.

Previously stained decks will require a sanding. However a floor sander can be hired for a fraction of the cost of purchase. We do recommend using a name-brand finish, as cheaper alternatives often deteriorate and age prematurely.

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