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Pre-Summer Outdoor Entertaining Wish-List

With summer fast approaching, we thought we’d put together a wish-list of ten things that’ll help you to make the most of your outdoors during these warmer months.

This list is by no means exhaustive. We’re sure that even without a single item on this list, you could still find a hundred ways to have a cracking summer outdoors. If you feel like we’ve missed anything, or if you have a unique way to enjoy your outdoors, we’d love to here about it on our Facebook page!

With that in mind, here’s our pre-summer outdoor entertaining wish-list.

1. Outdoor Couches and Chairs

Give guests a place to lounge, and your family a space to enjoy. Couches and chairs are the foundations of a great outdoor entertaining area.

IKEA Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture.

2. Casual Seating

If you don’t have the space or budget for permanent seating (like couches and chairs), casual seating is a good alternative. Beanbags, cushions, plastic seats and the like are affordable, while also allowing for easy set-up and put-away.

K-Mart Casual Seating

Casual seating.

Casual seating.

3. Barbeque

Often the centrepiece of the outdoor entertaining area, a good Aussie barbeque just brings people together. Should space be a consideration, there are a lot of excellent smaller barbecue options such as those found in the Weber BBQ range.

Barbeques from Barbeques Galore

Barbeque grill.

Barbeque grill.

4. Esky and Chillers

Perfect for those hot days on the patio, a good quality chiller keeps your drinks cool and readily accessible. For a stylish twist, try using a metal tub or coloured plastic tub filled with ice.

Chillers from Big W

Bottles of beer in ice bucket


5. Outdoor Lighting

Hanging lights, lanterns, candles and other outdoor lighting options add a touch of class to your outdoor area while lighting the way after dark.

Outdoor Lighting from Beacon Lighting

Red lantern in night on old window.

Outdoor lighting.

6. Umbrella or Shade-Sails

Should you have an uncovered deck, a good quality umbrella or shade-sail is a must for preventing sunburn on hot days. They’ll also keep your guests dry during rainy summer afternoons.

Shade-sails from Target

Awnings in sails shape over cloudy sky

Shade sails.

7. Outdoor Heater

The summer days may be warm, but the nights can still be quite chilly. So keep your family and guests warm with an outdoor heater. Depending on your outdoor space, there are a wide range of small and large options to choose from.

Outdoor Heaters from Masters

street heater

Outdoor heater.

8. Outdoor Kitchen

Installing an outdoor kitchen is certainly one of the more pricey items on this list. But for those who can afford it, an outdoor kitchen is ideal for parties, functions, and general outdoor entertaining.

Outdoor Kitchens from Bunnings

Man cooking meat on a gas BBQ

Outdoor kitchen.

9. Ferns & Plants

A little foliage and greenery can really bring your outdoor area to life. For those with limited space, hanging pot plants and green-walls both add a touch of nature without taking up a lot of space.

Mitre 10 Garden Centre

Beautiful flowers in pots on wooden shelves of natural background


10. Alfresco Dining Furniture

An alfresco dining area is perfect for outdoor lunches and dinners. A stylish table and chairs can really add to the look and feel of your outdoor area too.

Outdoor Dining Sets Harvey Norman

Cape town Sea view dining

Alfresco dining area.

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