Patio cleaning

Reviving Outdoor Furniture

The weather is finally warming up and it’s time to move your family and friends outdoors. But before you can enjoy your deck or patio, you’ll need to freshen up your outdoor furniture.

Follow these easy tips to bring your patio furniture back to life.


After you pull your patio furniture out of hibernation, it will need a good cleaning. If your furniture sat outside all winter long, there’s a good chance it’s caked with dirt, debris and rust.

To scrub away all the grime, a simple solution of mild soap and water will do the trick. For stubborn stains, check with your furniture manufacturer for cleaning instructions. Certain chemicals may damage the material. So, use only cleaners that comply with manufacturer guidelines.

Patio cleaning


Spray Paint

Tired of staring at the same old patio set season after season? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new set, pick up an inexpensive can of spray paint from any home improvement or craft store. Update your current patio furniture by painting it a bold and vibrant colour.

Did you know you can even paint your cushions? After you’ve washed and dried your cushions, just spray the paint right onto the fabric. After a few coats, you’ll have stylish new cushions for a fraction of the cost of buying new ones.

Additionally, spray painting is a quick and easy way to touch up any scratches or nicks on your metal frame furniture. Here’s how:

To Touch Up Aluminium

  • Lightly sand the frame with 100-grit sandpaper
  • Switch to 220-grit paper to smooth it out
  • Use a garden hose to spray away all the dust and debris; let the furniture dry
  • Apply acrylic enamel paint to large areas directly from the can
  • Use an artist’s brush to paint over small scratches

To Touch Up Wrought Iron and Steel

  • Remove rust and chipped paint with a wire brush
  • Spray away all the flakes with water
  • Once the furniture is dry, douse it in a coat of primer
  • Use a spray can to apply paint directly onto the primed frame
  • Seal everything with a rust-resistant enamel topcoat


Add Slipcovers

Update old patio furniture by draping it with slipcovers. They’re inexpensive, come in a variety of colours and patterns, and you can easily throw them in the washer when they’re dirty—a simple solution for dramatic impact.

Seal Teak and Wicker

Polish and protect your teak and wicker furniture with an oil sealant.

Protecting Teak

Teak is very resilient and can last for years, but it does require a bit of maintenance. To preserve the life and beauty of your teak furniture, wipe it down regularly with a wood cleaner. Lightly sand it to smooth out any rough spots, and massage the oil or sealer into the wood with a sponge. Wipe away any excess and let the furniture dry before adding a second coat. Teak sealer will restore and preserve your furniture’s natural golden colour and prevent it from greying.

Protecting Wicker

You can also revive drab wicker furniture with Tung oil. After washing the furniture, paint the Tung oil on with a large flat brush. Take care to get in to all the crevices of the wicker. As the oil dries, it hardens into a water-resistant coating. This guards the wicker from weathering and leaves it looking shiny and glossy.

When it’s time to move your parties outdoors, make your patio or deck the centre of this year’s festivities. But make sure your outdoor furniture is just as ready to entertain as you are. A little care and maintenance will ensure your furniture is up to the task all season long.