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The Most Popular Patio Trends of 2015

American real estate website Zillow, has announced the year’s most popular patio trends, as detailed in its recent Home Trend Forecast*.

So for this week’s blog, we thought we’d take a look at what’s in and what’s out in 2015. You may be surprised – we sure were! Who’d have thought that lime green would make a comeback?

What’s Hot

1. Lime Green Accent Colours

Depending on who you talk to, lime green is either: fresh and vibrant, or the colour of aeroplane jelly and Kermit the frog. Yet despite its detractors lime green is officially in.

Lime green can presently be found gracing outdoor pots and vases, as well as on furniture, throw cushions and umbrellas. It pairs well with outdoor greenery – especially citrus tones, from which it gets its hue and name.

If you’re looking to green up your outdoor area, lime green paint can be found at your local hardware store, and range of great patio accessories can be found online. Check out Etsy, for some stunning (and lime green) throws, rugs and pillows.

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What’s Hot: Lime Green Accent Colours

2. Vertical Gardens

This one we agree with. In recent years, vertical gardens have really come into their own. And now more than ever they are a great way to maximise garden space, while enhancing privacy and adding to the look of a home’s exterior.

We recommend creating a vertical garden from herb plants. Many herb plants are low-maintenance, hardy, and inexpensive. Plus once they’ve grown you’ll be able to enjoy all of the fresh flavours that they provide.

So called ‘green walls’ are ideal for those living in built-up areas and apartment blocks, but can be just as rewarding for those with big backyards. Plants suitable for vertical gardens can be found at your local nursery.

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What’s Hot: Vertical Gardens

3. Hurricane Candles

Named so, because they contain a wind-resistant outer layer around an interior candle, hurricane candles are ideal for outdoors. In number they can offer either subtle or dramatic lighting for your garden, while remaining strong against gusts and wind.

Our favourite are those that use a stylised exterior made from candle-wax to protect the interior lit candle. However homemade hurricane candles constructed from a glass jar and a few nick-knacks can look great as well.

Just remember, like with all candles, keep them away from flammable objects, and extinguish them after use. Also children should be supervised when using them.

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What’s Hot: Hurricane Candles

What’s Not

1. Tuscan Colours

Based on the colours of the Tuscany region in France, Tuscan colours include terracotta reds, and straw yellows, soft grays and milky whites. These colours have found favour in recent years for their warm and inviting hue.

Yet Zillow designer Marc Thee says: “While muted hues (such as those found in Tuscan colours) can bring warmth in moderation, they feel heavy and faux in outdoor spaces, which contrasts with this season’s fresh, streamlined aesthetic.”

While we agree that in saturation Tuscan colours can be overpowering, we still think an elegant Tuscan-style garden can be very effective, especially in the summer months, when the sun compliments the warmer notes.

doors to the tuscan house

What’s Not: Tuscan Colours

2. Shabby Chic Furniture

From our experience ‘shabby chic’ has always been a love or hate kind of style. Some love the intricate designs and rustic, aged appearance. While others find it messy, preferring the neatness and ease of modern furniture and decorations.

The 2015 Zillow reports says: “Intricate shabby chic patio sets will fade away as summer 2015 is all about simplicity and clean lines. Detailed wrought iron patio sets will be replaced with sleek outdoor sofa (…) pillows and throws.”

Shabby chic isn’t for everyone, so perhaps, at least for the time being we’ll see it drop out of fashion, as those who tried it and found it wasn’t for them move onto something new. Which will be great for die-hard shabby chic fans looking for pre-loved furniture!

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What’s Not: Shabby Chic Furniture

3. Excessive Patterns

Now this one we can whole-heartedly agree with. Too many patterns can make a patio or outdoor area look busy and unnecessarily complicated. It even detracts from the patterns, that in amongst the lot, do work.

Marc Thee puts it simply: “People grow tired of busy patterns, so keep them to a minimum. Instead, add interest and texture with natural greenery. Look for more solid colour choices on throw blankets and pillows.”

This isn’t to say that patterns can’t work in moderation. It’s just best to keep patterns to a minimum, and to ensure that they are consistent across your outdoor area.

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What’s Not: Excessive Patterns

What do you think?

So that’s it, the top three most popular patio trends of 2015, plus the three that are set to be fazed out soon – as according to Zillow Digs Home Trend Forecast.

What do you think? Are these trends on the money, or did Zillow miss the mark?

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*Source: 2015 Zillow Digs Home Trend Forecast, media-room