Soji lanterns

Want to Make Your Patio Space More Romantic? Add Solar Lights to Set the Mood

Creative lighting can turn your ho-hum patio space into something dreamily romantic. Solar lighting is even better because it gives you more flexibility in the placement of your lights. No need to worry about plugging into a power outlet or having to install a wiring system. These are easy, do-it-yourself projects, even for the beginning handyman. Best of all, the power of the sun is free and environmentally friendly.

Solar Soji Lanterns

Solar patio lanterns are among the most flexible of patio light accessories. Hang them from trees, set them on patio tables or half-hide them along the edges of the seating area. A popular option is the traditional Japanese style soji lanterns, which come in boldly coloured orbs or bullet shapes. Unlike the plug-in soji lanterns, which are usually all strung together, the solar lanterns can be individually placed where you like. Pick out the colours that suit your mood, hang them in the sun and enjoy the soft glow after dark.

Soji lanterns

Solar Fairy Lights

If you’ve been to public gardens and found trees lit up with scores of tiny fairy lights, you may have wondered if that look could be created at home. It can, and you can go solar. Strings of tiny LED lights can be wrapped around trees, patio balconies, even potted plants. The thin waterproof wires get their power from a solar panel stake, which stores the energy. Find an inconspicuous spot that gets plenty of sun and just plant the stake in the ground. The sensors in the stake turn the lights on at dusk.


Solar Glass Bricks

Solar bricks are typically used to outline pools, ponds or garden paths, but they can just as easily be incorporated into your patio lighting design. The bricks can be round or square and come with different colour LED lights.  A sensor turns the light on at dusk, using solar power stored in the on board battery. Set them along the edges of your patio or use them as accent table lamps to set the mood.


Solar Lighted Fountains

Fountains naturally invite relaxation. When you add solar lighting you can enjoy the luminescent, bubbling waters after dark. Self-contained solar fountains can be placed anywhere on your patio. Larger ones can take up a corner, while the smaller table fountains make romantic centrepieces. Styles range from fountains with underwater LED lights that make the water glow to floating lotus flower lights that skim the surface. Waterfall style fountains often have LED lights installed in back of the cascading waters. The more elaborate tiered fountains sometimes have a different colour light on each tier, changing the water’s glow as it flows past.


Any of these solar lights can turn your patio into a romantic hideaway, and help you ‘go green’ at the same time.

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