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Flat Roof Patios & Carports by Lifestyle Patios

Ideal for those seeking a cost-effective patio or carport roofing option, flat roofs patios are versatile, durable and budget-friendly.

Flat roof patios, like all of our patios are custom-made to suit individual lifestyles and tastes. We can craft for you a subtle patio that compliments your home’s existing look and feel. Or, we can create a striking design that substantially adds to your home’s street appeal. Whatever your style and preference, we can install a flat roof patio that’s right for you.

Your flat roof patio can be built as a free standing structure or it can be attached to your existing home or business.

What is a flat roof?

Essentially, a flat roof is just that, a flat roof. Although in reality they are mounted on a slight angle. This is to allow water to drain away. Without suitable drainage, water can pool and cause leaks. To look at however, flat roofs appear quite flat.

Why choose a flat roof?

The most noticeable advantage of a flat roof is price. When compared to other roofing options, they are generally simpler in design. Which means fewer materials and a lesser install time. That in-turn means a lower, more cost-effective price.

Flat roofs are extremely versatile. They can be installed as a roof for your patio, or as a roof for carport. They can be built free standing or to be incorporated into existing structures. They can even be made to integrate with gable and curved roofs.

Another benefit of flat roofs is that they are low-maintenance. There are no valleys or slopes to keep clean. Plus because of the slightly angular design, leaves and sediments can simply slide off with water.

Key benefits:

  • More cost-effective price
  • Versatile design suits both patios & carports
  • Low-maintenance & upkeep
  • Can be freestanding or incorporated into existing structure
  • Custom designs match your lifestyle & taste

For more information about flat roofs or to get a free quote contact us today.

Insulated roofing

All of our flat roofs are available with insulation. This helps to keep your patio cool in summer and warm in winter. Meaning all year round comfort for you and your guests.

Your insulated roofing comes in a choice of 50mm, 75mm or 100mm insulating foam core. Whichever you choose, you can be sure of superior heat reduction and transmission. As well as greater noise protection from rain and storms.

Our rebated foam is flush with the roof profile, which prevents insects, spiders and other nasties from gaining access to your roofing. It is also resistant to dust and mould.

Lifestyle Patios & Ausdeck roofing products

At Lifestyle Patios we use quality materials from Ausdeck Patios and Roofing. Supplying only a select group of patio builders, Ausdeck products are known for their quality and long-lasting durability.

Key benefits:

  • Superior strength support beams, which means less posts
  • A unique panel lock joining system for seamless integration
  • 20 different colours to choose from
  • Australian owned & Australian made
  • 15 year warranty

Patios and carports made by Lifestyle Patios and using Ausdeck products are strong and durable. They’re made with tougher beams and less posts. And they’re available in more colours and styles.

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